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The world we live in today is so dynamic that we can barely recognize ourselves, let alone others.

We spend too much time on the visual aspect, although only 7% of the information about someone we meet or do business with is visual.

The project or whatever we are doing with this person has a 7% chance of being successful.

Dynamic profiling is the result of more than 20 years of scientific development and personality research into corporate operations, analysis of operations, and resolving various crisis situations in families, corporations, and countries.

Where we always singled out the causes of crises that stem from human characteristics and thus created profiles of the perpetrators.



Profiling can be done in a variety of ways:

– based on the image

– based on the place where the person was located or worked

– based on the audio recording: voice color and tone

– based on conversations (postures, body expressions…)



DDR. MILAN KRAJNC profiling observer


So, for instance, we may create a profile without even seeing the person in any kind of image or form at their place of employment, home, or any other place where they spend the majority of their time.

Here, the statement that the material world is a reflection of our thoughts is very true.


So, the prerequisite is either that we are truthful or that we are fully aware of the game we are playing. Because of this, it’s crucial to fully understand oneself or to be pure.

It is a brand-new technique that completely recognizes the opponent’s activities, but it also depends on our own state. It requires a high level of responsibility and morality.



I developed SIRIUS PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION, which is a process of inner cleansing and self-discovery.

It was later revealed that I used this to justify NATURAL PSYCHOTHERAPY.



Internal cleanliness is required for any further work in the field of profiling.


In the following, it is necessary to pay attention to the surroundings where the person stayed.

He shows his current inner state through his actions; this part is called REFLECTIVE PROFILING.


We start analyzing the person with the psychotherapeutic modality of TRANSACTION ANALYSIS.

We find out his psychological patterns, which he carried over from his early childhood, and find out how he reacts to the environment and his actions.


The following step is the scientific method of ANTHROPOSOPHY, where we actually see its entire reflection in the bio-energetic field.


Only when we have removed all possibilities of foreign influence on the person we are profiling do we use the PHYSIOGNOMY technique, which actually shows his true face.

In this order and with this knowledge, it is possible to arrive at the right picture.
Dynamic profiling is developed according to the scientific method of Dynamology!